About Us

Remembering loved and lost babies is something very close to my heart, as a mother to three angels myself and most recently following the passing of my son Jack, I have found great comfort and solace in picking out keepsakes and decorations which celebrate his short but precious life.

Six years after losing our first baby, Emily Rose who passed away at 23 weeks due to early onset pre-eclampsia and an IUGR, my husband and I unfortunately suffered a miscarriage at 7 weeks. One year later we were nervously pregnant again with our son Jack. As my pregnancy developed beyond 20 weeks, unfortunately so did complications. We endured many ups and downs whilst our beautiful little boy fought hard to stay with us. Jack was eventually born at 27 weeks weighing just 440 grams, he was our little miracle. We shared four precious days with him, a gift we are eternally grateful for, to him and the remarkable staff who cared for him at Singleton Hospital Neonatal Unit, South Wales.


Jack Thomas Colley 24/07/15 – 27/04/15 ♥

In the weeks and months following Jack’s passing the desire to find something appropriate and beautiful for his grave and to decorate what would have been his nursery was overwhelming. I spent hours and days searching for something just right which I found challenging as it seemed there was little to offer by way of celebrating lost babies.

It is my heartfelt hope that my creations at White Wings Design can offer comfort to those touched by the loss of a baby, no matter what stage in pregnancy or birth. Although our crafts are inspired by loss, they are handcrafted with love.

Thank you for reading my story xx